2022 January 11th-12th-28th 29th: Audio CD recording for CPO of "Clivia" by Nivo Dostal at Oper Graz with  Sieglinde Feldhofer, Markus Butter, Jan Friedrich Eggers, Anna Brull, Ivan Orescanin, Mafrtin Fournier, Gerald Pichowetz, a.o. , conducted by Marius Burkert.


2022 March 19th: Audio for video recording of Theresia String Quartets in Feldkirchen (A)


2022 May 7th: Audio for video recording of Theresia Wind Oktett in Koper (SI)


2022 June 28th-30th: Audio CD recording for CPO  in Mondovì, of Symphonies by Ernst Eichner with Theresia Orchestra, conducted by Vanni Moretto


2022 August 2nd-9th: Audio CD recording for CPO of Opera "Silla" by Carl Heinrich Graun at Innsbruck Festival of Early Music with Bejun Mehta, Valer Sabadus, Jeffrey Francis, Samuel Marino, Hagen Matzeit, Eleonora Bellocci, Roberta Invernizzi, conducted by Alessandro De Marchi.


2022 August 12th-14th: Audio CD recording for G.F. Händel's  Oratorio "Il Messia" at Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik with Eleonora Bellocci, Margherita Maria Sala, Jeffrey Francis, Luigi De Donato and Coro Maghini, conducted by Alessandro De Marchi. 


2022 August 23rd-27th: Audio CD recording for CPO of Opera "Astarto" by Giovanni Bononcini at Innsbruck Festival of Early Music with Giuseppina Bridelli, Francesca Ascioti, Theodora Raftis, Paola Valentina Molinari, Ana Maria Labin, Luigi de Donato, conducted by Stefano Montanari.


2022 September 08th - 11th: Audio for Video recording of Opera "Macbeth" by Giuseppe Verdi, at Deutsche Oper am Rhein with Hrólfur Sæmundsson, Ewa Płonka, Bogdan Taloș, Eduardo Aladrén, David Fischer... conducted by Antonino Fogliani.


2022 October 6th-10h: Audio CD recording for CPO of Opera "Le astuzie femminili" by Domenico Cimarosa, at Teatro Flavio Vespasiano in Rieti, with Rocco Cavalluzzi , Eleonora Bellocci, Matteo Loi, Valentino Buzza,  Martina Licari, Angela Schisano and Theresia, conducted by Alessandro De Marchi. 



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